Sixth Lover Alice Gaines

Sixth Lover by Alice Gaines

Wow! An intensely erotic, love-driven story I couldn’t put down. The Sixth Lover is a tale of self-discovery, experimentation of the erotic, and the ultimate pursuit of ever-lasting, monogamous love. Carole Rutherford is a forty-year-old widow who has never known passion. Though she loved her deceased, much older husband, she now longs for that elusive…

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One lucky bitch-thanks to SFA

Today I am grateful for being a member of the San Francisco Area of Romance Writers of America. Yesterday we had our monthly meeting–the presenter was Corrine Jackson, speaking on the importance of and how-to’s of social media. The meeting was informative and it was wonderful to connect with the women I’ve grown to admire…

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Snippet Sunday — The Ghost #1

Hello, Readers! It’s been forever since I’ve posted and it feels wonderful to get back into the swing of writing. September is traditionally the busiest month of the year for me. I take a huge sigh of relief when October hits. Take a breath with me. . . in. . . out. Today’s nippet comes…

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