Tuesday Treat~Enrique Iglesias

Heart pounding. Delicious. Sexy. Adorable. Fantasy. Yummy. Yep–I luhv Enrique. Are all of his songs phenomenal? No, I’ll admit it. However, he mixes the visual so astoundingly well with the music that it’s hard not to effected. Take ‘Hero’ for example, released a long time ago, with Jennifer Love Hewitt staring in the video. H-o-t…

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zach mcgowan 3

Tuesday Treat~Zach McGowan Arrrr!

It’s time for a new Tuesday Treat. I’ve found a new show to call my own and I’m sticking to this one because it’s about p-i-r-a-t-e-s and I’m all about pirates these days. I’m working on Swashbuckler, after all, and even though it’s a contemporary romance, the heroine has written a story of a pirate.…

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